EVIQO EVIPOWER: Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Charging Experience

EVIQO EVIPOWER: Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Charging Experience - EVIQO

 Power Your Electric Vehicle Faster and Smarter

Introducing the EVIQO EVIPOWER Charger, the next generation of home electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Combining the best of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility, the EVIQO EVIPOWER charger delivers supreme effectiveness, user-friendliness, and robustness.

This innovative step underscores our commitment to fuel the future of EV charging infrastructure and catalyse a smooth transition to sustainable transportation.

The essence of technology lies in creating solutions that evolve in step with changing times and user needs. Our EVIPOWER charger is a testament to this dynamic spirit. Striding beyond quick fixes, we channel our efforts towards shaping a responsible legacy anchored on efficiency and environmental care.

At the heart of EVIPOWER's development, lies extensive user input. A survey incorporating feedback from over 1800 EV owners has informed our design decisions, enabling us to fine-tune EVIPOWER to cater to real-world usage patterns. Consequently, EVIPOWER is not just an innovative charger but a 'by the users, for the users' manifestation of EVIQO's commitment to prioritize user requirements in technology evolution.

Dive into the remarkable features that make the EVIQO EVIPOWER Charger stand out:

Supercharged Charging: Time is essential, and so is a powerful charge. EVIPOWER flexes its muscle by delivering a remarkable 50 miles of charge per hour thanks to its robust 48-amp power output. Crunch-time charging no longer spells worry.

Power, How You Like it: Charging is a personal affair, and our amperage slider recognizes this. A simple swipe lets you dial in your preferred output anywhere between 6 to 48 amps, making EVIPOWER a versatile ally in energy efficiency.

Taking Smart to a New Level: EVIQO's app resets the charging narrative by letting you set charging schedules during cost-effective off-peak times, monitor consumption, and control costs directly from your device. Utilize features such as Delayed Start, Schedules, and Smart Tips for an enhanced charging session.

Reach Out Further: With EVIPOWER, your parking position doesn't dictate your charging convenience. Equipped with a market-leading 37-inch input cable and a 25-foot charging cable, EVIPOWER ensures comfortable charging irrespective of your EV's placement.

Safety Certifications: Walking hand in hand with innovation is our dedicated adherence to safety norms. EVIPOWER is UL compliant, ETL Energy Star, FCC certified, and weather-proof, satisfying IP66 and NEMA-4 standards. These distinctions, accredited by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs), validate EVIQO's commitment to strict safety, environment, and electromagnetic interference standards.

Driving a Greener Future: Innovating responsibly is at the core of EVIQO's agenda. The EVIPOWER Charger heralds a sustainable future by minimizing energy wastage and furthering efficient EV charging practices.

For those interested in a deep dive into EVIPOWER's technical specifications, head over to our website. We cordially extend an invitation to press members and interested readers to stay connected with EVIQO via our website and social media channels for the latest on our EVIPOWER Charger's unfolding journey.!

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