Track real-time power and costs, monitor charging history and enjoy smart features through a sleek modern interface.

Save on сharging

  • Set schedules and EVIQO smart EV charger will charge your car automatically.
  • Benefit from cheaper off-peak electricity night rates.

Maximize savings

  • Set electricity rates track your cost
  • Monitor the charts of the charging history
  • Smart tips
  • Timeline chart
  • Get plug-in smart reminders

Delayed start

The EVIQO app offers an extensive range of smart features. My default, the EV charger is configured for Plug & Charge mode. The app also features the Delayed Start Function and up to three additional Schedules to automate your charging.

Effortless management

Monitor your charging history in a modern sleek interface. Enjoy smart tips (conflicts of schedules, copying off-peak electricity rates to the schedules etc), add the second EV charger and invite additional users.

Get EVIQO application

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