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Welcome to the EVIQO Charger Showcase! Explore insightful video reviews from three tech-savvy bloggers, offering an in-depth look at our charger – unboxing, usage, materials, honest assessments, and comparisons with competitors. Dive into the world of EVIQO charging excellence!
That gives EVIQO a total of 98 points on our Charger Rater - an outstanding score. And when we convert that to our five star rating, it gets 4.9 stars out of five. That's actually the highest score we've ever given for the Charger Rater.

Tom Moloughney, State of Charge

heavy duty waterproof level 2 ev charger


It has a really robust design and it's designed specifically to address the needs of EV drivers.

Josh Charles, Charge Everywhere

I like the fact that if you do want to go hardwired, you just change that little switch, and then you can remove the NEMA 14-50 plug and have it hardwired.

Patrick Anderson, Mach-E VLOG

I give EVIQO a five-star rating out of five. It has everything needed – fast charging, a long cable, durable material, and a functional app.

Patrick Lawson, Tesla Trip

EVIQO is my new favorite, as it has everything I need at an affordable price. I definitely liked this unit.

QuickShifts, Youtube

Michael Kim from "EV Charger Reviews"

"...the cord & J1772 connector combo look like they are built to last. This is one of my favorite charging stations in recent memory".

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