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Introducing the EVIPOWER: The Ultimate Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging

Introducing the EVIPOWER: The Ultimate Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging - EVIQO

The Founders' Journey

Welcome to EVIQO, the Electric Vehicle IQ Organization, a trailblazer in residential EV charging solutions. As long-term EV aficionados ourselves, we bring you a prime example of the most advanced and practical home fast charger for electric cars, EVIPOWER.

Our journey began out of personal necessity — after testing numerous market-leading chargers, none seemed to tick all the boxes. We were desiring a solution that was powerful, reliable, fervently intelligent, and competitively priced.

So, how did we address this market gap? At EVIQO we initiated the mission to engineer the charger we yearned for. The EVIPOWER was born out of years of expertise combined with a relentless spirit of innovation. But that's not where the story ends.

Involving the EV User Community

We wanted EVIPOWER to not just satisfy our charging needs, but to meet the demands and expectations of the entire EV user community. To ensure this, we administered a detailed survey that reached over 1800 EV users. We asked them about the flaws and frustrations with their current EV chargers, and their responses were eye-opening. This extensive user feedback became the guiding force behind the unique features and practical design of EVIPOWER.

Going that extra mile in delivering bespoke EV charging solutions, EVIPOWER redefined the user experience. Crafted with practicality at its core, our charger outperforms in real-world conditions, elevating your home charging experience to new heights.

Our Mission

At EVIQO, passion drives us to engineer farsighted EV home chargers that find the perfect blend of innovation, practicality, and satisfaction. Each feature of our chargers is carefully thought through, designed to anticipate, and meet every possible user requirement.

Our ultimate vision is to be the leading player in the EV home charging solutions market – a practical, accessible, and fulfilling solution in every EV owner's life.

EVIQO's Key Benefits

If you own an electric vehicle, you understand that a home charger for an electric car is not just an accessory, it is best level 2 ev charger for home solution. With EVIQO, we turn necessity into a luxury through quality, convenience, and usability.



The EVIQO electric car charger for home use is universal; it's compatible with all EVs and PHEVs, providing you the freedom to switch between models without worrying about switching your level 2 home EV charger. While some other brands may need additional accesoties, such as the Tesla EV Charger needs an adaptor, which comes with the car, EVIPOWER is an out-of-the-box solution. 



Built to resist harsh weather conditions and rough handling, our home fast charger for an electric car has a fully rubberized connector, is equipped with heavy-duty cables, and is made of the industrial grade extra-durable plastic. Plus, it is equipped with a special rubber cap to protect the charging pins.


As much as technical superiority matters, comfort cannot be sidelined. With an ergonomic design, EVIQO ensures a firm grip and secure handling regardless of the weather.


We understand the importance of safety in the EV charging process. UL compliant, ETL, Energy Star, FCC certified, NEMA-4 and IP66 international standards met.

The EVIQO home fast charger comes with strengthened connectors. We improved the most vulnerable part of all the connectors and substituted the plastic tab which regularly falls off with a metal one to prevent breakage and ensure a secure lock-in with your electric vehicle.

Smart Features

The EVIQO app allows you to manage your charging schedule, monitor consumption, track charging history, and more. We are continuously working on Over-The-Air remote updates to make your EV charging experience even smoother!


In essence, EVIQO is the manifestation of our founders' vision of an easy, efficient, and exceptional charging experience at home. It is not just any home charger for electric cars; it is a solution engineered to satisfy the heart of every EV owners. Upgrade your charging experience today with an EVIQO home fast charger.

Thoughtful Engineering Features

The EVIQO Charger is built upon a foundation of thoughtful engineering and customer-centric design. Each feature aims to simplify the process of electric car charging at home, taking into consideration the unique needs and constraints of EV owners.

Comprehensive Installation Template

Installing a 48amp EV charger at home might seem daunting; that's why we provide a comprehensive installation template helping to properly drill the holes to make the setup hassle-free. Designed with care, our detailed guide lays out each step, ensuring you can safely and correctly install your new EVIQO Charger. Forget about unclear instructions and complicated procedures – with EVIQO, electric car charging at home becomes a convenient experience.

Additional Bolts and Safe Screwdriver

While some brands may overlook the minute details, EVIQO Charger does not. We include additional expansion screws and safety screws to ensure secure installation and stability once mounted. And to enhance the installation comfort, we also include Allen wrench in your package. With these advantages, setting up the EVIQO plug in hybrid car charger or 40amp EV charger is no longer a complex task – it becomes something everyone can do with peace of mind.

Flexible Input Cable

EV charging is not just about the charge, it's about the full process – ease, convenience, and flexibility. We understand that all electric car owners might not have the same garage setup, and for that reason, the EVIQO Charger comes with an extra long flexible 37-inch input cable and NEMA 14-50 plug. The flexibility allows the 40amp EV charger to be conveniently placed according to your preference. Your electric car charging at home experience becomes significantly better with the EVIQO plug in hybrid car charger.

One-Time Purchase, Lifetime Solution

Purchasing a charger for your EV should not be like buying a smartphone - something that will be outdated within a couple of years. The EVIQO Charger is a 48amp EV charger and a plug in hybrid car charger constructed to last, ensuring it remains a valid solution for many years to come.

Our one-time purchase, lifetime solution principle helps you avoid the uncertainty and frustration of having to change chargers frequently. Once you bring home the EVIQO Charger, you'll witness a revamp in your electric car charging at home experience, whether it's for your full electric vehicle or a plug in hybrid car. The EVIQO Charger provides an enduring and efficient solution that you will appreciate every day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, we address some of the frequently asked questions about installing and using EV chargers, with a special emphasis on the significant advantages of using the EVIQO charger, which can be installed both inside and outside and retains a NEMA 4 rating for its superior water-resistant properties.

Q: Can an EV charger be installed in a garage?

A: Absolutely! Many EV chargers, including the EVIQO Charger, are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations. It's perfectly suitable for a garage setting, providing a safe and convenient charging solution. In fact, installing your EVIPOWER in the garage can be especially practical, offering protection from external factors.

Q: Can EV chargers be installed outside?

A: Yes, they can! The EVIQO Charger stands out in this regard due to its robust, water-resistant design. As it meets a NEMA 4 and IP66 protection standard, it's engineered for protection against harsh weather conditions including rain, snow, and dust. This means you can safely install the EVIQO Charger outside your home without any fear of damage from weather exposure.

Q: Can EV chargers get wet?

A: While not all EV chargers are created equal, the EVIQO Charger is highly resistant to water as it meets IP66 and NEMA-4 standards. This classification denotes the EVIQO Charger as being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, capable of withstanding water jets, rain, and even snow. So, rest assured knowing that your EVIQO Charger remains functional and safe even when wet.

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