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Introducing EVIQO - the Electric Vehicle IQ Organization. EVIQO is one of the most advanced residential EV chargers brands on the market. We understand EV owners' needs because we are the same fellow EV enthusiast for many years. Years ago, after testing numerous chargers from leading players in the market and not finding one that met our expectations, we embarked on a long journey to engineer our own game-changing home fast charger for electric car. They're not just powerful, reliable, and competitively priced. They're also exceptionally smart.

What sets EVIPOWER apart? Beyond its affordability, we've taken user interaction to the next level. Our charger is designed for practicality, and we use it in our daily lives. With EVIPOWER, we've redefined what an EV level 2 charger at home experience can be.


Our main goal is to engineer EV chargers that anticipate and fulfill all the practical needs of users. We have designed our chargers to offer a comprehensive charging solution capable of meeting every requirement and demand of users. At EVIQO, our goal is to produce the most practical EV chargers, facilitating the global transition to electric vehicles and contributing to a cleaner world.

Reliable Technology

We strive to create technologies which are safe and reliable. We carefully test and certify our devices to provide world class charging experience with best ev charger

Smart Solutions

Our 50 amp ev charger are incredibly intelligent, offering a wide range of smart features within a modern, user-friendly interface.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our users are at the heart of our company's core values, and our mission is to simplify EV fast charging station to accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry.